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:sub: Hello everyone! Today I would like to feature a well known artist here on DA by the user name of Mikatsune or :iconmikatsune:!!

here's her page, :

Who btw way if having a free adopt going on!…

click the link above yo!

Personally, I thnk her work is anything short of amazing and I absoloutly adore her cute and colorful artwork. Admittedly, I'm not much of a girly girl myself but for some reason, whenever I see cute art like, :iconmikatsune:'s I feel that part of me somehow exists even if I'm not a fan of pink or such. She truly has inspired me to make things..well, cute! 

Here's some examples of her cute artwork!

Sweet Lolita by MikatsuneRaffle: mochii-licious by MikatsuneMiF-Sakura by Mikatsune

here's some examples of her cute cheebs, I can't forget that!

HBD Pemiin by MikatsuneMika by Mikatsunethey so cute!

she's having a free open adopt right now and if you were smart I would take advantage of it, check it out!

FREE ADOPTABLES *closed* by Mikatsune
better hurry though, I hear they go pretty fast and I want one too!

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My Broken Kokoro by zeldatwilightfreak
My Broken Kokoro
 Plasdhfdkslhaflhdsakfdlsakjf I can't believe I actually drew something like this...

:iconblushuplz: Let this be a prime example that even artist have a lot!
Still shipping it by zeldatwilightfreak
Still shipping it
(yes I know the bg sucks..)

Yes, ladies and gents the 3rd Season is over and I am still a hard core shipper!
Even if it never happens on the show the couple will always live in my heart :D :iconblushplz:
Kitty chan by zeldatwilightfreak
Kitty chan
(creative title is creative)
Had the urge to draw something cute!
So here's is some weird neko chan :D
RC  Application: Mai by zeldatwilightfreak
RC Application: Mai
Yay, my updated version for the : :iconrepubliccity: applications! Wish me luck :D

Update: Oh my gosh I actually got in!!! :iconblushuplz: I can't believe it, thank you so much :D

Name: Mai (prounnouced 'My') Goda

Age: 16

Sex: F

Nationality: Republic City

Affinity: Fire

Physical description:

Height: 5'0" (a bit of a shortie)

Weight: unknown (you probably don't want to ask her this question...)

Hair: Dark brown, almost black

Skin: light brown

Eyes: light blue

Body Type: Petite (and very flat lol)

Other physical descriptions: Has freckles on most of face and on upper shoulders as well as down the arms. Has little to no right arm at all. Large braid in front of body. Mother's broach is worn on her hair tie.

Mai helps her father maintain the small herbal shop in front of there house. She is an amateur at waterbending healing but is quite skilled at mixing up different herbs to create herbal healing medicine.

Combat: Growing up being bullied and constantly teased, Mai learned at an early age how to defend herself when words could not, by combat. She is quite skilled at several water tactics such as the water whip, and if she is really angered, even the Water Jet. Word of advice is to not stare to long at her disabled arm or bump into her on the streets.

Helping Hand: Seeing that Mai has quite the disability on her right arm, she again, learned at an earlier age how waterbending could help her with her unfortunate disability. By using the means of the water cloak, Mai encases her right arm in a shroud of water, much like an appendage, and is able to go about her daily routine much easier. The helping hand isn't used much in combat, seeing that she is left handed, but is used mostly for the arm and hand she never had.

Personality: Classic Tsundere, cold, harsh, bitter, socially awkward, outspoken and easily angered.

+ Good leader/ is able to convey her feelings in stressful situations

- Very cold and uncaring towards others/ Comes off as cold and uncompassionate/ Isn't very good at relating to people, thus making her socially awkward/ easily angered and quick to fight.

Likes: Pork buns (they help calm her down)/ her prostetic water arm/bending abilities/family/green tea/ listening to the radio (especially when pro-bending is on)/ Pro-bending/soy milk (she thinks it will make her boobies bigger XD )

Dislikes: Firebenders to a dangerous degree/ warm and dry places/ her disabilities/ being bullied and teased about her missing arm/ spicy things/ the smell of cigar smoke/ social situations/ annoying neighborhood kids (yes she has beat up some...) /and her small boobies (she is often teased about this as well)

Background and History:

When Mai was born, her right arm didn't fully develop, thus leaving her with a short nub as a sorry excuse for a right arm. In her younger years she was constantly teased and bullied about her disability making her very bitter towards others and socially unacceptable to other children. Mai didn't have any friends growing up, except for her kind consoling family, so she was often soothed by the presence of water and began to spend her time around Republic City's various lakes and sometimes the vast ocean. Imagine her surprise when she found her long lost ability to waterbend! She was overjoyed by her powers and the strength it gave her leading her into precarious situations. Instead of using her bending to help other people, she returned her hatred and rage on the bullies who had constantly teased her, making her the bully on the street. She never really considered using her bending for anything else besides defense and combat until her father forced her to work at his herbal shop.

Although Mai doesn't speak of it much, she does indeed have dreams and ambitions. When she is older she longs to go and visit her heritage over in the Southern Water Tribe, and eventually meet her mother's parents. She has great respect for Water-benders and hardly ever is rude to one, unless they are disrespectful to her. Mai also hopes that she can train in the rightful art of waterbending as well as to meet another disabled bender as herself. And although Mai would never admit it, she is a huge enthusiast for Avatar Korra. She is an intent listener of the pro-bending and hogs the radio every time Avatar Korra is mentioned and sometimes even wanders the city hoping to get a glimpse of her.

Family History:

Mai gets her waterbending abilities from her mom, whom was a skilled waterbender that went to republic city in seek of a brighter future than what the Southern Water Tribe could offer. Her dad is a non-bender who migrated to Republic city, alone, in search for work, being dis-honored from his family for failing to be able to carry on their fire-bending lineage. Mai's parents met shortly after coming to Republic city, hit it off and got married three years later. Two years into the marriage, Mai's mom was ecstatic to find out she was pregnant but was soon bed ridden with severe morning sickness and also suffered from other complications during her pregnancy. Mai was born three-months early due to her mother's failing health conditions, and due to her mother's complications during pregnancy, only had a short nub for her right arm. After Mai was born her mother's health improved but sadly she lost her life shortly after delivering her brother, leaving her father to parent two small children.

RP sample

I wondered through the empty streets, a protective hand nuzzled to my stubbly arm in protection. Nervously, I pulled my sleeve down, my only shroud to hide my missing ligament and somewhat pride.

"Look who it is," I hear a deep, yet fimilair voice croon, making me stop dead in my tracks, " It's little miss nub-arm."

I clenched my teeth together in anger as I fiercly turned my head only to see another one of those idiot firebenders again.

"Stop harassing me." I lowly growl, watching in unamusement as he smirks at my comment, my threat empty to him.

"Aw," he slowly coos, sauntering over towards me, making me shuffle into the back of an abandoned alley, "It would be a crime not too." he smartly counters, making my brow furrow even more. He's not gonna take the easy way out I see? Frick, he wants to take the hard way, let him take it! It's game time!

random facts

Mai gets her bending from her mother, whom was a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe.

She lives in the poverty stricken part of Republic City, along with her Dad and younger brother whom are non-benders.

Mai never truly knew her mother, she died when Mai was only 3 shortly after giving birth to her younger brother.

Mai has an extreme hatred for firebenders, mostly due to the fact that they were to ones to used to bully and teased her all the time, she even received a few scuffs from them in her various fights.

Mai is what others would call a Tsundere. In her outer expressions she seems well put together and strong even, but on the inside she quells bothersome feelings such as trust and natural attraction, once again making her very socially awkward.

Mai may not speak much about her personal goals or dreams but she does infact have them. When Mai grows older she hops to visit, and eventually live, with the people of the Southern Water tribe.

Mai's waterbending is almost completely self taught through various books and scrolls.

Mai doesn't have a very good relashonship with her father, mostly due to the fact that he is very strict on her and her brother, which sadly leaves her disbehaving almost as badly as before.

Mai and her brother are very close, and he is considered one of Mai's only companions. She will eagerly stand up for her brother and easily beat anybody down that is willing to tease him.



Sayu-chan and Sour mochi :D
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United States
Hi there! My name is Zeldatwilightfreak! As you can see Zelda is my most personal interest!
Don't be so led on by my name though, despite what it is called I love many different things besides Zelda and Twilight Princess Is just one of my top favorites :D

I love manga and anime Fruits Basket in particular, and fill my days watching it! I am a big fan of adventure time, aren't we all? (It reminds me of Zelda :iconpervylinkplz: ) I also am a huge-ass fan of Studio Ghibli!!!!! meaning that I love all them movies!!I love writing and I am currently trying to improve. I have taken a huge intrest in Vocaloid, some of my favorites are Rin and Len Kagamine and Miku Hatsune.
Loves: Being a waterbender!! (lol) Strawberries, Shipping,Zelink, anything related to Avatar. Bolin and Mako :heart: and pabu of course!
Hates: Babies,gay art, My Little Ponies (shot) most trash they have on tv,.

Things that personally freak me out: Elmo, Hello Kitty,Crossdressers, Amon, Ghirahim's tongue and the Muppets.
My favorite fanboys: :heart: Link, Kyo, Julius Monrey, Peter White Howl and many others...:heart:

favorite cartoon characters include: Tohru Honda, (Fruits Baskets) Sohpie Hatter (Howl's moving castle) Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) and Korra!! and a lot of others that I have yet to list because there are way to many but these are the most important to me!!! ( and Zelda doesn't appear on this list because she is basically counted as one of my favorite video game characters!!

Feel free to talk to me, you can call me Sayu-chan or Zelda Twilight freak and if you are feeling extra spontaneous, call me as Sour mochi des!!!

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