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Adoptables (150 points) by zeldatwilightfreak Adoptables (150 points) :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 4 0 -Tatasame Oni cheeb design- by zeldatwilightfreak -Tatasame Oni cheeb design- :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 2 0 Adopts anyone? by zeldatwilightfreak Adopts anyone? :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 4 0 -Rana- by zeldatwilightfreak -Rana- :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 6 0 +SPACE BOOTY+ by zeldatwilightfreak +SPACE BOOTY+ :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 13 0 Space Daddy  by zeldatwilightfreak Space Daddy :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 18 0 +Arigatou  Flowers+ by zeldatwilightfreak +Arigatou Flowers+ :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 1 0 Princess Zelda (ZOOM IN PLZ) by zeldatwilightfreak Princess Zelda (ZOOM IN PLZ) :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 22 2 Princess Zellie Breath Of Wild by zeldatwilightfreak Princess Zellie Breath Of Wild :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 21 3 His only Wish (sketch) by zeldatwilightfreak His only Wish (sketch) :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 7 0 OC: Tsuyako Kanada (+ full bio!) by zeldatwilightfreak OC: Tsuyako Kanada (+ full bio!) :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 6 1 Introducing Rena Chan~ by zeldatwilightfreak Introducing Rena Chan~ :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 2 3 AR: Capi-San~ by zeldatwilightfreak AR: Capi-San~ :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 2 4 Sweater Gurl by zeldatwilightfreak Sweater Gurl :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 5 2 SKETCH DUMP!! by zeldatwilightfreak SKETCH DUMP!! :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 4 2 sweater guy sketch by zeldatwilightfreak sweater guy sketch :iconzeldatwilightfreak:zeldatwilightfreak 8 6


Sayu-chan and Sour mochi :D
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name is Zeldatwilight freak and despite the name, I have many other interest despite Zelda!(If i had money I would change it) I'm spazzy, loud and a natural blonde. Right now I'm currently in the process of becoming an Art Therapist :D

I'm in love with anime/manga and am happy to call it my art style of choice~

my bigggest inspiration is Hiyao Miyazaki as all his films are literal pieces of art and touch me deeply :D (ah I could talk about him all day!)

I'm a closet Fujoshi, so If I ever one day miraculously decide to come clean, you might get a peek of that one day (you have been warned)!

Besides Japan and art, my other interest are cartoons, psychology and cosplaying!

Among drawing my other hobbies include: fanfic writing (Oh someone help me), cosplaying, sewing, singing and theater :D

Loves: Anime/manga, art in general, cartoons, fanfiction, doujins and eating! (and secretly bl)

dislikes : crowded places, loud noises, shrill crying from a baby, heights, hill billies and the sticks!

Things that personally freak me out:Elmo, the muppets (anything with puppets really...) don't hug me I'm scared (please do not ask), youtube poop, and walmart past 11pm

and since I'm practically cartoon-sexual I might as well spill all my 2-D crushes as well: Link, Kyo (furuba) all my voltron bbys~ Eren, LEVI(literally every male character on that show really) Howl and many oh so many more~~

anime character I most identify with: Sophie Hatter (we both struggle with self esteem)

Feel free to talk to me, you can call me Sayu-chan or Zelda Twilight freak and if you are feeling extra spontaneous, call me as Sour mochi des!!!


Adoptables (150 points)
that's right 150Points  each! First come first serve :D 
just copy and past your adopt after you buy :D 

-you can give them a story, name, personal background ect.
:iconlubplz: you cannot resell them 
:iconlubplz: you may give them away as a gift 
:iconlubplz: you may change certian elements of their design such as outfits, hairstyles ect
:iconlubplz:first come first serve 
:iconlubplz: 24 hours to pay the points!

Please take care of them and be sure to give them plently of love Heart ~
I am simply thrilled to announce that after 10 years of waiting, hoping, and dreaming, that my dream of going to Japan is going to be a reality next june-july 2017!!

The trip, which is being hosted by a local college in my area, has agreed to take a group of students to Japan for a whole month! As you can imagine I am simply estatic and cannot wait to go! Oh how those long months are going to be hard! 

In all, the trip is relatively cheap considering some other prices that I've seen for Japan and right now It's a bit under 10k. Recently I've opened myself up a Paypal account to collect some extra money for the trip. Although I'm currently working 2 jobs and equaling in around 15 hours a week, I'm not being dramatic when I say I will need some more funds!

Which is exactly why I opened a Paypal account! I plan on doing some cheap adoptables (all under $10) to gather up some extra money! I can assure you every little cent helps and i would be more than happy for someone to pick up one of my designs to help achieve my dream to go to Japan! 

If the adoptables go well I also may open up commissions but I'm trying to improve on my drawings before I do that yet!!

Please, I ask that if you can spare the money, even if it's just 1-2$ it will certainly help me! 
  • Reading: gay fanfiction
  • Watching: Pet girl of Sakurasou
  • Playing: SNK ps4 game
  • Eating: chips
  • Drinking: waaaaateeeerrr
Hey guys, long time no see! (well journal wise anyways) Anywhoo~ this is probably going to come off as more of a poll than an actual journal but please bare with me, kay?  

So my latest deviation featured some adoptables I've been working on because I'm trying to raise some money outside of my regular job for school/leisure. Although there were a lot of options I had to get some extra cash on the side, none of them looked as appealing as adoptables, since they are fun and extremely easy to make. 

leading me to my next question: Would you guys be interested? Right now I'm accepting USD only for my expenses but I'm trying to keep the price low-I do not plan on selling these adopts for more than $5-10 dollars at most! and i'll probably decided with ones are more expensive based on the time I actually spend on design and the time taken to make it. 

If anybody is interested please feel free to note me or just leave a friendly comment :D and if you have suggestions feel free to drop them by, I'm definitely looking for ideas for batches! 

as it is getting nearer to Halloween, I'll probably come up with a few monster batches! but be sure to ask if you don't see something you might want! Thankies :D 
  • Reading: don't ask
  • Watching: some ghost shit
  • Playing: Clover no kuni no Alice
  • Eating: nothing TTvTT
  • Drinking: waaaaateeeerrr



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